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What is Funkfoot?

Funkfoot is a funk fusion band based in the New Hampshire Seacoast. Their original music is a complex mixture containing elements of funktonium, jazzuminium, and roxygen. Close proximity to Funkfoot has been known to cause semi-voluntary body movements. Side effects may include: euphoria, uncontrollable head bobbing, and funkitis. Excessive use of Funkfoot may result in muscle soreness, and possible addiction. If you are suffering from Same Song Syndrome, Funkfoot may be the cure.

Sometimes it all comes together. You get a group of friends in a room, and they make music. And it's good. When that happens, you have to do something about it. You just have to. So we did. There has been a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. In the end, we'll all be bigger men, because we can open up and truly share the feelings inside each and every one of us.

Group hug, guys. Group hug.

Who is Funkfoot?

Live at the Stone Church

Berns Cote

Berns began his lifelong career in music as soon as he could make noise. He would sing to his favorite radio songs or hum childrens' tunes all through his early childhood. In an effort to satisfy his ever increasing curiosity for music, he began by playing the trumpet in third grade. He continued to play trumpet through elementary and middle school in Wilmington, MA. By age twelve, he was becoming more curious about music and began taking piano lessons. After a small break from playing due to a move to NH, he picked the trumpet back up in NH and also began to learn how to play guitar. By high school, he played guitar in a couple bands, and had also trained to play percussion and french horn. He had accomplished his first gig by fifteen and was actively writing original material. By graduation, he had composed several pieces for band, chorus, and music theory classes. After working with a variety of working bands for four years, he finally caught a break in the summer of 2001.

Berns responded to a lead singer ad at a local Daddy's Junky Music Store. The man at the other end of that ad was accomplished musician Joe Morris. Within a couple weeks he began working with Joe in a band called Dr. Pie. With Dr. Pie, Berns has recorded and released a demo, and also recorded a full length album. Dr. Pie was fortunate enough to have shared the stage with Almost Now, Pondering Judd, Smoke Up Johnny, Starch, State Street Rhythm & Blues Band, The Roadies, Tractor Trailer, and Weed, Inc.. Other accomplishments include: playing in front of thousands at Market Square Day, limited radio play, and a frontpage photo in Foster's Daily Democrat. While he maintained his position in Dr. Pie, Berns also began playing bass for a band called Money$hot, where he began working with his current drummer Ashley Rowe. Out of the ashes of Dr. Pie and Money$hot, Berns and Ash decided to use their shared interest in electronic music to make an album. The "Beat at Them" project resulted in an album's worth of highly varied music.

Proud of the intense work on "Beat at Them", Ash and Berns decided they'd like to get back to basics and play some live music. Fortunately, Ash moved to Newmarket, where he and Berns were introduced to what would become the remaining members of Funkfoot… and so it begins.


Fuzz was born and raised in Long Island, New york. At a young age, he was exposed to such improvisational masters as Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana.

At the age of seven, Fuzz's parents bought him his first guitar, but he only took lessons for a few months before he lost interest (like most seven year olds, he suffered from a short attention span (and still does)). When he was twelve years old, Fuzz picked up the guitar again, and this time for good. Since his reaquaintance with the instrument, he developed a penchant for folk music.

Fuzz's first band was a highschool project called "Tabula Rasa". He also played guitar and sang in the bands "Smiling Politely" and "Daddy J". In college at Stonybrook University, fuzz joined "Easy Streat".

In 2002, Fuzz met Eric Strathmeyer, one year later… he met Ash and Berns… FUNKFOOT WAS BORN!!

Aaron Johnson

It seemed about a thousand years ago, an age with which we can't identify anymore. There was a guitar, there was Aaron. Thereís still a guitar and there's still Aaron. Thereís still metal strings and still harder fingers. When a fire is lit, it becomes one of many fires, all fires, THE FIRE. It always has been and will be and will never go out. As long as there remains fuel, so there remains fire. Still is one thing Aaron's fingers never quite knew how to be. They jumped from string to string over the seasons since the first "A" chord was raised to fruition; it was something no-one else seemed to understand at first. The greasy, easy, naturality of I-IV-V that fits so well in your ear, one might mistake it for wax. But it happened, you know, it's possible to do anything with wax at the right temperature. So other wax groups began to coalesce. They by nature have found and conjoined with other wax-like-ians to create a nice, thick, palatable ultra-wax coating that is good for waxable things (i.e. your ears, silly). So seriously, Aaron is an experienced, qualified, devout earwax giver. He likes it loud and raw (with earplugs now). "The older the better!" he often quips to people who know what he's talking about. He once went to the illustrious Berklee School of Music where nobody knew what he was talking about anyway. It was ironic (much to his chagrin). "How can they steal my heart n' try to teach me what i already know, yet change it so I don't understand?" Berklee taught him to hate his guitar, can you believe it?! Faith is not easily lost on the devout though. School cannot teach anyone to play with heart, and that's what he does. It was one of the most important lessons to learn. He likes to make candles still, with wax, or sound (x=in the equation). If he is challenged to make good better, he jumps like eager salmon. He describes his sound as having a chest fever quality. He sounds like Neil Young trying to get kicked off of Geffen Records. Well, that remains one secretive peek into the secretive lot that Aaron is so secretive about. "Itís been twenty years, 2-0. And I wonder why my ears hurt; I turn around and realize that it be hard years of experience that have lent me this opportunity, everyone tells tales of innate talent, no, just a kid who worked wicked hard at what he loved, and still ain't done with that yet. It almost feels like eating."


Ashley started playing music at the age of ten. He was exposed to the drum kit for the first time at the age of fourteen, as a freshman in high school. Throughout high school, Ashley was involved in music: playing in the orchestra, and singing in the choir. He also played in the school's jazz ensemble and pep band with friends Mike Sherman, now of the L.A.-based rock band AllRise, and Robb Cyr of Hartford-based Invocation of Nahek.

After high school Ashley attended Keene State College, DJing at WKNH, hosting several weekly programs. There, he did a short stint with punk band Frank Discussion, who appeared live on air, on more than one occasion. While in Keene, Ashley also sat in on various recording projects.

Three years later he was playing with Raymond NH prog rock band Lifter, when he got a call at work one day from Berns Cote. Berns asked Ashley to join his latest project, Money$hot, a Manchester-based hip-hop/funk band. The two played together for a couple months with Money$hot before disbanding out of frustration. It was then that the two founded Diggy BeatZ Productions, and started the "Beat at Them" project, an electronic music collaberation. Two of the songs from the Beat at them album were posted on; one of them, "Dubba's" rose to sixteenth place worldwide.

Shortly after the completion of the album, Ashley moved from Raymond to Newmarket, it was there that Ash and Berns met Andrew Russell, Eric Strathmeyer, and Jeremy Grob, and Funkfoot began to take shape. Ashley plays DW Drums and Pedals, and a Roland SPDS Sampler. He uses Reason in his studio.

Eric Strathmeyer

Eric doesn't remember exactly when he started to play piano, but his mom does. According to her, he started making music at the age of three, first singing "C is for Cookie" and then a portion of Handel's Messiah (though he may not have gotten the lyrics exactly right). Eric started taking lessons on the piano when he was seven. He has studied six years of classical piano, two of jazz piano, and two of pipe organ. He also plays the electric bass, didgeridoo, djembe, conga, and cuica. Eric's primary interest has always been in synthesizers and computer music. He demonstrated a MIDI sequencer for his 5th grade science fair.

Funkfoot is Eric's first band. He has performed in various recitals on piano, synthesizer, organ, and in small ensembles. He has DJed for fun and profit. He once ran the soundboard for the Skatalites. Now he's in a band, so he talks about himself in the third person.

Eric plays a Clavia Nord Electro 2 and an Evolver in live situations; he uses Reason in his studio.

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